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Titanium Dioxide Pigment Type

R - 2 (ISO 591)

II, III (ASTM D-476)

Product Information White powder with the crystallographic form of rutile, non toxic, non flammable and chemically inactive. Surface treated with Aluminium and Zirconium compounds (in amount of 3% of Al2O3 and 0.35% as ZrO2) and modified with hydrophilic organic compounds.
Titanium Dioxide Rutile has very good optical properties (high levels of gloss, low levels of gloss haze, very good lightning power and opacity) is easily dispersed and high durable to weathering conditions.


Density (gm/cm3)


Titanium Dioxide Content(% w/w) min 94 of which rutile - min 98.5
Volatile matter at 105°C(% w/w)

max 0.5

Matter soluble in water(% w/w)

max 0.5

Residue on seive of 45µm(% w/w) max 0.02



Full shade (color tinge of white system)


Relative scattering Power 102
Lightening Power


Undertone (color tinge of grey system) 3.25

pH value of aqueous suspension


Oil absorption (g/100g of pigment) 21
Resisitivity of aqueous extract (Ohm x cm) min 8000


Titanium Dioxide Rutile is the universal pigment, particularly recommended for high quality paints used indoor and outdoor, both water thinnable and solvent borne (industrial, architectural, decorative, repair), air-dyeing enamels, stoving enamels, high-solid paints, coil coatings, powder coatings and rod making paints. This pigment can be successfully utilised for pigmentation of plastics (PVC profiles, vinyl slidings, plastisols, polyolefins, unsaturated polyesters, polyurethanes, polystyrenes, epoxy compounds, laminates), for wall papers and paper coatings.

Purity Requirements

Can be safely used in food packaging materials



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