OLEOCHEMICALS >> Caustic Soda Flakes (CSF)


Sodium Hydrodixe (as NaOH) wt%
Sodium Carbonate (as Na2C03) wt%
0.4 max
Chlorides (as NaCI) ppm
500 max
Sulphates (as Na2S04) ppm
1000 max
Chlorates (as NaCl03) ppm
10 max
Iron (as Fe +2) ppm
20 max
Nickel (as Ni+) ppm
5 max
Packing details:
  • CSF is packed in 25 kg Net Wt bags.
  • The packing is made of HDPE Woven sacked with LDPE lamination having HMHDE inner loose liner.
  • One 20 feet container can take 21.5 mt I.e. 860 bags of CSF


Our Caustic Soda is produced through Membrance technology. The Licensor is M/s. Bertrams.

                  Origin : India





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